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Free Nurse Consultations

ImageThere are many health concerns that present themselves from time to time. There may be symptoms that are too minuscule to bring about worries. Other symptoms might indicate potential health complications that you could avoid if you only knew about it. But how can you tell the difference?

If you find that some symptoms are too frequent and out of the ordinary to be forgotten, you can never be too careful, so you need to ask questions! At Focho Health Services, Inc. we offer Free Nurse Consultations.

All our consulting nurses are registered nurses who have years of experience in direct patient care. We can help determine if your symptoms:

  • Will require immediate attention from a physician
  • Indicate potential life-threatening conditions (emergency cases)
  • Need to be assessed further by your doctor (we can help you arrange for clinic appointments)
  • Can be treated without a physician’s help / Can be treated in your own home

Do you have questions about your health? Is your body telling you to get help? How can we guide you towards getting the appropriate medical attention? Feel free to schedule an appointment with our registered nurse on staff by submitting a request online.

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